A romantic relationship is one in which you feel very strongly attracted to the other person, both to their personality and, often, also physically. This is reciprocated by the other person in the relationship.


People in a romantic relationship will see each other very often and when apart my frequently stay in contact, for example by phone. Some people in romantic relationships live together. A romantic relationship is the closest form of relationship and the two people involved will often describe themselves as being attracted to each other and/or “in love”. They feel an incredibly strong connection and bond to each other that they do not feel with anyone else, even close friends, and the bond is also exclusive and monogamous.

The romantic love ideal, gained value from the West during the nineteenth century (Lantz, Keyes, and Schultz 1975). This ideal includes five beliefs: (1) love at first sight; (2) there is one "true love" for each person; (3) love conquers all; (4) the beloved is (nearly) perfect; and (5) one should marry for love.

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